Dangerous Goods Training Compliance - How to protect your company and your people

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

DG courses - Future Force.pdf

Freight & Trade Alliance (FTA) is pleased to advise that our training partner, Future Force, has launched a suite of DG training options plus a method for members to ensure that regulatory compliance of their staff is maintained.

Future Force will take the worry out of your compliance concerns through the following approach: 

  • By maintaining a register of your staffs' DG certifications and renewal times

  • Notifying staff and management of the upcoming certification requirement  months in advance of expiry

  • Automatically booking them on to one of our certified courses prior to any expiry dates

  • Accepting bookings for new staff

  • Providing the relevant CASA approved certificate

  • Providing regular status reports to management

  • Provide regular bulletins, updates on any regulatory or compliance issues 

Remember that DG qualifications last only 2 years.

If it expires before you renew, CASA insists that you complete the initial 'Acceptance' course again, instead of the shorter 'Re-certification' course. There are NO EXTENSIONS allowed.

Future Force will ensure you do not make this time consuming and costly error - for further detail and initial Melbourne and Sydney dates please click HERE.