A Smart Digital Rate Solution For Freight Forwarders

Monday, June 11, 2018

Mizzen has been working with nine partner shipping lines and wide range of freight forwarders to introduce both parties to the benefits of transacting in the digital channel via our platform mizzenit.com for nearly two years. 

For the freight forwarder customers, the Mizzen platform helps by saving time in the rate quote process, giving group transparency, and providing a completeness of information, all managed in one easy to use interface. You can: 

* Find out which shipping lines can service a required port pair

* Search multiple port pairs for comparison in one request

* Quickly get rates from those lines, with five lines providing live prices

* Rates are overlaid on sailing schedules with filters for ETD and transit times and other key schedule information

* Break down of local charges for full cost exposure comparison

* And the ability to book directly through the platform

Mizzen is constantly looking for ways to help both the shipping lines and their customers improve their business outcomes and create new opportunities by using technology.

Mizzenit.com is built from shipping industry experience, our team combines industry knowledge with extensive digital and technology capability from working at NYK, CP Ships, Damco, FJT Logistics, Amazon, Atlassian, Fairfax Digital and other companies.

An example of the industry focused products we've developed is the space and equipment guarantee pilot product for exporters. It was built in partnership with an innovative shipping line to help manage peak season pressures on space and equipment.

This product helps improve certainly of shipment on a nominated vessel for both the carrier and their customer with consequences to the defaulting party should a booking not be fulfilled.

Digital will not be the channel and solution for every shipment but it will coexist and  complement the existing shipping line service offering. It will create a new market where shipping lines can deliver new products with a range of value attributes to better serve their customers needs. It is Mizzen's mission to help achieve this.

If your company is interested in joining Mizzen please contact jcharles@mizzenit.com  to discuss further, or simply go to www.mizzenit.com/ftadeal to get a special FTA free access deal.