BorderWise special offer to FTA members

Tuesday, November 13, 2018

UPDATE 9 - BorderWise special offer to FTA members


BorderWise is the next-generation compliance management search engine with a comprehensive, integrated suite of legal books, technical documents, tariff-classification tools, smart searches and links, Product Index and trade data. The reference information includes comprehensive information from the  World Customs Organization such as the Harmonized System Explanatory Notes and the Principles of Valuation, in addition to information on international treaties and associated local legislation.

Daily Updates

Daily Updates provide real-time updates for legislation and industry changes and notices in a single window,  keeping you are up to date with changes without the need to search all over the internet.

New Features

BorderWise Web now has a drop down option to view Table of Contents for all books in the left column (for those of you who have transitioned from Tradefox will be familiar with this functionality). Coming soon on the BorderWise desktop version.

BorderWise options

1. BorderWise Single Window;
2. BorderWise Single Window + Pro Pack; or
3. BorderWise Global Entry
BorderWise is available in three versions. The selection option can be changed at any time throughout the month through the "MORE" option on the blue bar on the top right hand corner, and then by selecting the "Change Editions".  First time BorderWise users will be prompted to make a selection when logging in. Monthly charges will be based on the highest edition used in a billing period.
Pricing is available on the BorderWise website and listed below (prices are exclusive of GST charged per user per month)

BorderWise inclusions and costs

The following options are available to meet members' needs (prices are exclusive of GST charged per user per month): 

BorderWise Single Window – comprises all Australian law, regulation and all relevant government departments' resources EXCLUDING the WCO HS (HSEN) notes and related content and global libraries for all countries. 

Standard - A$70
CargoWise One user - A$30
FTA Individual or Premium Members - A$20
CargoWise One user and FTA Individual or Premium Members - FREE

BorderWise + Pro Pack  comprises the above plus the plus the WCO HS (HSEN) notes and related content

Standard - A$100
CargoWise One user - A$60
FTA Individual or Premium Members - A$50
CargoWise One user and FTA Individual or Premium Members - A$30

BorderWise Global Entry – comprises all WCO (HSEN) notes and related content and global libraries for other countries - content is published in English and will later include translations for non-English countries.

Standard US$200
CargoWise One User - US$100
FTA Individual or Premium Members - US$100


Please note that the BorderWise discount to FTA members is only for Individual andPremium Members and is NOT extended to Standard Members - further details about FTA Membership is available HERE


FTA provides a list of current financial FTA Individual and Premium Members to WiseTech Global to assist in managing the billing process.


To find out more about BorderWise, please refer to the webinar recording recently delivered by Christine Kontos from WiseTech Global available HERE

Contact us

If you have further questions about membership benefits, costs and application, please contact Andrew Crawford at / 0414 423 007 or Paul Zalai at / 0408 280 123

Paul Zalai - FTA / APSA