Thursday, September 13, 2018

1-Stop Connections (1-Stop) is the industry leader in solving supply chain challenges to speed up the movement of goods. It is 1-Stop's responsibility to innovate, solve problems and provide increased efficiency using the most sophisticated technology. 

For the last 12 months 1-Stop has dedicated a new team, which have worked alongside Transport Operators to provide a new solution that creates a positive impact to the Transport Community and the rest of the supply chain. 

The team worked with Transport Operators around Australia, understanding their pain points which included manual-paper based systems, multiple and basic software options which are slow, complicated and 'hard to use'. 

The new installment of 1-Stop's 'intelligent' solution, on their open platform is here. Built to be an Intelligent Supply Chain System (ISCS), which can predict or an anticipate customer demands in the future, however can currently sense changes, and quickly respond to unplanned events. It's the first of its kind in the industry

The intelligent solution has been built based on research and customer feedback. With a focus on UX/UI design and usability, it has launched the product to another level, away from a traditional TMS system.

1-Stop's new intelligent solution provides many benefits to Transport Operators, and in turn, the whole supply chain. these include:

  • Increased connectivity and access to data on 1-Stop's entire platform
  • Simple and easy to use, with hints and tips to ensure all users receive efficiency gains
  • Speed - find, enter and edit information that's import to the operator
  • Visibility - know what is going to happen, before it happens
  • Flexible - operators can choose what they want to see, and when
  • Cost - cost effective, depending on the size of the operator's fleet


Andrew Morgan, Product Manager adds "The system we have created is a completely new take on solving the problems that Transport Operators care about.  It combines transport and job management to simplify the day to day tasks of a Transport Operator. We have consolidated data that's important into one single place to manage their business from.  Most importantly of all, it's affordable." 

Michael Bouari, CEO, adds "with our strong track record of delivering digital solutions for productivity gains across the supply chain this was the perfect next step to capitalise on our intelligent platform to deliver a solution to make life simple for our customers to make better decisions." 

With the first version of the "intelligent" solution due to launch early 2019

1-Stop are inviting transport operators to join the pilot program, beginning in October 2018. 

For more information, or to join the pilot, visit www.1-Stop.com/operations/hybrid