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Freight & Trade Alliance (FTA)

In partnership with the Australian Peak Shippers Association (APSA), we form an influential advocacy alliance ensuring that our members are at the forefront of all emerging supply chain issues through our responsive operational support, professional development training, industry updates, commercial services and corporate events.


To establish a global benchmark of efficiency in Australian biosecurity, border related security, compliance and logistics activities.


To increase profitability and business sustainability for Australian importers, exporters and trade service providers.


  • To be recognised by all stakeholders across commerce and government as the leading advocacy body providing a holistic voice for the Australian freight logistics and international trade sectors;
  • To drive process improvement through coordination of activities across stakeholder groups;
  • To create transparency, ensure effective competition and fairness of processes relating to the international carriage of goods and related services;
  • To support border regulatory agency reforms to achieve increased compliance and improved risk management strategies whilst meeting contemporary international trade logistics models; and
  • To support alliance members in achieving best practice relating to human resource management, insurance / risk mitigation, continuing professional development and IT utilisation.


  • To increase our member base and corporate alliances with key industry groups to gain broader representative views and to gain increased strength of numbers to support advocacy activities;
  • To regularly interact with members via online media and face-to-face activities to provide updates on key issues and to seek ongoing feedback to develop policy;
  • To engage with trade and mainstream media to increase reach of our message and to influence improved operational outcomes;
  • To maintain close liaison with regulators and stakeholders across commerce via direct engagement, committees and via formal submissions;
  • To keep industry at the forefront of all emerging supply chain issues through responsive operational support.


  • To complete all activities with integrity, ensuring compliance with all Australian Antitrust and Competition laws - refer FTA / APSA Competition Compliance Policy;
  • To maintain confidentiality of members' commercially sensitive information;
  • To closely engage with members to provide relevant and timely information to support operational and longer term strategic needs; and
  • To continuously review and improve services to meet members' needs.

"Wesfarmers and its Group subsidiaries are proud longstanding members of the Freight and Trade Alliance. We highly value our partnership and applaud their expert team in their impactful sector advocacy, global shipping and biosecurity updates, participation in our group marine forums and educational support for the industry via training courses, webinars and its technical library.

The FTA team is also always on hand to tackle any tricky questions. What the FTA provides for its membership is second to none. "

Stephen Turner
Procurement Manager
(Group Procurement)
Wesfarmers Limited

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