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Board and Structure


At its Annual General Meeting (AGM) on 3 August 2023, the following members were elected as Officers and Committee of Management (CoM) representatives:

  • Chair: Olga Harriton (Global Logistics Manager - Manildra Group)
  • Vice-Chair: Brian Thorpe (International Shipping Manager - Visy Procurement)
  • Treasurer: Flaminio Dondina (General Manager Procurement - Casella Family Brands)
  • Billy Davies (Market Access Officer - Australian Meat Industry Council)
  • Sarah Granger (Transport & Logistics Manager - Fletcher International Exports)
  • Michael Lamperd (Logistics and Warehousing Manager - Norco Co-operative Limited)
  • Brian Wright (Australian International Movers Association)
  • Michael Brittain (AGT Foods Australia)
  • Mark Christmas (QMAG)
  • Secretariat: Paul Zalai (Director - Freight & Trade Alliance - FTA)


In addition to supporting Australian exporters via a secretariat role to APSA, Freight & Trade Alliance (FTA) supports its extensive membership across the international trade supply chain via the following dedicated reference groups:

  • Importer Reference Group (IRG)
  • Customs Broker Reference Group (CBRG)
  • E-commerce Reference Group (ECRG)
  • Biosecurity Treatment Provider Reference Group (BTPRG)
  • Airfreight Reference Group (ARG)
  • Sea Cargo Reference Group (SCRG)
  • Rail Reference Group (RRG)

Further information

To find out more about how to have direct involvement in our advocacy and policy setting, please contact Paul Zalai (02 99751878).

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